The Hey Abby Dial of Nothingness

The Hey Abby Smart Dial of Nothingness!

As both novices and experienced cultivators delve into the intricacies of the Abby, their attention is invariably drawn to the prominent dial atop the unit, reminiscent of household thermostats. This initial impression suggests a technologically sophisticated product, serving as a compelling incentive for acquisition.

Regrettably, post-purchase, whether opting for the “OG” or the “420 Edition,” disillusionment sets in as one grapples with the perplexing question: What purpose does this ostensibly advanced dial truly serve? Succinctly put, the answer is disappointingly meager, if not altogether negligible.

The above knob literally does nothing other than open the door and listen to your voice

While the “OG” iteration at least boasts a visually appealing animated graphic featuring the green Abby fairy, showcasing temperature and humidity, its counterpart, the “420” edition, presents an absence of such amenities. Consequently, the dial metamorphoses into nothing more than a mundane doorknob.

Notably, Abby has curtailed many of the voice-enabled functionalities, rendering the device virtually worthless except for its basic function of door access. Despite the advertised “voice recognition” feature, one is left questioning the substantive value beyond the cringe-inducing “Meditate With Me” command, which, upon vocalization, merely prompts a 20-minute light display unrelated to the growth environment.

The erstwhile “Dinner Time” or “Feeding Time” voice commands exclusive to the “OG” edition have been inexplicably abolished, leaving users with a superfluous expense and an absence of tangible benefits. In effect, aside from its door-opening utility, the Abby surreptitiously eavesdrops on conversations, amplifying concerns about privacy breaches—a disconcerting revelation compounded by the imposition of a ban from the Hey Abby Discord channel for raising this issue.

In essence, reliance on Hey Abby voice controls is ill-advised due to its blatant infringement on privacy, an unsettling practice within an industry that ostensibly prioritizes privacy and anonymity. The provenance of this product in China only adds to the suspicion surrounding its ethical practices.

Conclusively, the prospect of future voice commands with substantive utility remains uncertain, prompting contemplation on the necessity of vocal controls for a grow box. The intricacies of this situation merit thoughtful consideration within the community.


2 responses to “The Hey Abby Smart Dial of Nothingness!”

  1. Boont Yaunt Avatar
    Boont Yaunt

    Are you serious? You mean to tell me that this knob does nothing? Why do they even use it then at all? I’m kind of frustrated

    1. Well, it does something… it opens the door. I would assume that they have future plans for it and just wanted to ensure that the hardware shipped with the grow box. I may be incorrect though as they have nerfed some of the features from the OG Edition knob. Only time will tell. I wouldn’t let this stop you from purchasing though. I would like to see them get rid of the voice activation for privacy concerns. Thanks for the comment.

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