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Is your experience with Hey Abby falling short of expectations?

Contrary to its marketing portrayal, the Hey Abby Grow Box may not align with your initial perceptions. Our investigation has unearthed numerous concerns surrounding its hardware, software, and customer support. While we’ve identified commendable features and effective workarounds beneficial for gardeners of all skill levels, it’s crucial to be informed about real growing tips, preventative measures, and solutions. Explore these insights on our blog below.

*Please be aware that we are actively testing the Hey Abby grow system at the 420 (not OG) level. We are open to modifying the name and mission of this website should we experience exceptional results, or if Hey Abby expresses interest in collaborating to ensure their product lives up to its advertised potential. This being said, you can probably imagine our experience so far.

However, the prohibition of our access to the Discord channel and online support during an active subscription casts an unfavorable light on CL DESIGN STUDIO LLC. Just bringing it to your attention.

Explore our blog to discover why the Hey Abby may not be the best fit for your garden, and crucial tips for grow box owners.