About Us

The dedicated team behind heyabbysucks.com consists of five individuals, each bringing a unique blend of experience to the table. Some members boast decades of both indoor and outdoor growing expertise, while others are eager newcomers to the world of cultivation!

Our collective decision to invest in the Hey Abby 420 edition stems from a genuine curiosity to assess the accuracy and integrity of the Hey Abby marketing team, along with their mission and core values. As they say in their jingle – “Hey Abby ANYONE Can Grow”. This should mean EVERYONE.

Although our experiences with Hey Abby’s app and hardware have yielded results that fell short of expectations, we have enthusiastically taken it upon ourselves to explore innovative approaches. Embracing the diverse range of expertise within our group, we’ve collaborated to devise solutions that not only enhance the performance of this product but also aspire to be embraced by the Hey Abby team in due course.

While Hey Abby’s reviews may not be glowing, and the “Kickstarter” campaign reflects some dissatisfied customers, we believe in the untapped potential of this product, even if it’s not quite ready for the limelight. Our primary goal is to provide Hey Abby customers with valuable insights, workarounds, and techniques for improved gardening and yields.

It’s essential to note that we are entirely independent and not sponsored by Hey Abby. We are a passionate group of investors investing our free time in this blog with the sincere hope of assisting Hey Abby customers who may be seeking answers beyond the conventional channels.

We sincerely appreciate your visit to our website and eagerly anticipate hearing from you. Best of luck to all our fellow gardening enthusiasts!