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Following Current Hey Abby Instructions: Not The Best Idea For Maximum Yield

Greetings, fellow growers! Today, we here to share the rabbit hole of Hey Abby’s gardening instructions. As we navigate the lush landscape of indoor gardening, it’s crucial to learn from the experiences of others. In this exposé, we shed light on the pitfalls of blindly following Hey Abby’s instructions, ultimately leading to root rot, oxygen deprivation, and a myriad of training and nutrient-related woes.

The Inconsistent Reservoir Temperature Probe:

Hey Abby’s instructions advocate the use of a reservoir temperature probe to maintain optimal water conditions for plant growth. However, what they fail to emphasize is the importance of consistency. Our green comrades suffered the consequences of temperature fluctuations that went unnoticed. Root rot set in as the reservoir swung between extremes, providing a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. The lesson here is clear: constant vigilance is key when it comes to maintaining the right environment for your plants.

The Weak Air Pump Dilemma:

In the world of hydroponics, adequate oxygenation is paramount. Hey Abby’s recommendation for an air pump, unfortunately, proved insufficient for our plants. The weak airflow resulted in oxygen deprivation to the roots, a recipe for disaster in any grow room. A strong and reliable air pump is the lifeline of your hydroponic system – a lesson we learned the hard way.

All-In-One Nutrient and Training Schedule Woes:

Hey Abby’s one-size-fits-all nutrient and training schedule proved to be a double-edged sword. Each plant has unique needs, and a generic approach does little to address the specific demands of different strains. You have to dig deep in their website to find any info on basic PH and PPM reading recommendations. Such ignorance can lead to nutrient deficiencies, excesses, overgrowth, and stunted growth. The lack of customization left us with a garden in disarray, struggling to recover from the consequences of a misguided approach.


As we reflect on our misadventures with Hey Abby’s instructions, it becomes clear that a successful indoor garden requires more than a generic set of guidelines. Tailoring your approach to the unique needs of your plants is essential for fostering a healthy and thriving environment. Let this cautionary tale serve as a reminder – don’t be swayed by the allure of one-size-fits-all solutions. Invest time in understanding your plants, monitor their conditions diligently, and be prepared to adjust your strategy as needed. Only then can you avoid the pitfalls that befell our unfortunate green companions. Happy growing, and may your plants flourish with wisdom and care!

We want to hear from you, fellow growers! Have you faced similar challenges in your indoor gardening journey, or perhaps you’ve discovered alternative approaches that led to success? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. The beauty of a community lies in the collective wisdom we can all contribute, and your stories could be the guiding light for others navigating their own green adventures.


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    Your shared experiences not only enrich our understanding but also foster a supportive environment where growers can learn from one another. Whether you’ve triumphed over adversity or learned valuable lessons from setbacks, your voice matters.

    So, don’t be shy – drop a comment and let’s cultivate a community of knowledge and shared growth. Together, we can turn our gardening challenges into opportunities for learning, ensuring that every plant enthusiast embarks on a journey armed with the collective wisdom of our community. Happy gardening, and may your stories blossom as beautifully as your plants!


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